Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wedding Rings

Danielle Bean has been posting daily ideas for living Lent and for day 22 suggests that you move your wedding ring to your right hand for a day. Every time you notice the difference pray for your marriage. And listen to His answers.
She has a very good idea. Before we started our summer construction I had my rings cut off. When I got married 40 lbs. ago I just knew they'd be on my hand forever! But here it is almost 9 months later and my finger still has an indent where the rings were. I can't have them re sized until the indent starts to fill.
I tried buying a cheap loose silver band to wear for going out but if I forgot to take it off I was left with a green indent--- not really an improvement.
Its amazing how many times each day I notice that my rings aren't there. Mine are very simple-- we were broke and my hands are tiny. The band is very thin and had the tiniest edge treatment which has almost worn away. My diamond is just 10 points, round stone set in just 4 prongs on an angle to the band. It has one inclusion. At Mass it sparkles beautifully and its not too hard to clean after bread baking.
The other interesting thing about my bad is it has the wrong wedding date engraved inside. Our bands were one of the first things we bought after getting engaged during our first semester of college. Every now and then we would pull them out to look at and try on each other. Then my mother had baby #8, my car died, Jeff had an accident in his, my parents car dies and my in laws washer and dryer died. Our 1985 wedding planned for the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul was postponed til August 9, 1986.
Changing our rings seemed wrong. That date was as much a part of our history as the new date. And, surprise, after having my ring cut off we saw the date had not been disturbed.

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Cheryl said...

You made me laugh (40 lbs ago). That is a good idea about the switching hands.