Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Did considering the urge help?

Yes-- 1. race through end of year testing even though they aren't up to it and I was sent one incorrect test..Because 3 kids are done! They didn't do too badly and Seton sent the correct test for Sarah. She needs some catch up first though.

Yes --2.Quit teaching at home and get a job, hire a maid, and go back to school. But I won't. This mood always passes quickly. Because I did get quite a few things cleaned and put some thought into mood controlers like tea, vitamins, a stroll with my husband.

No---3. Drive non stop and immediately to New Jersey to hug my sister and clean her house for her so she can put up her feet and love this new baby!" However its only a few days till she gets here for baby sister Sheila's shower this weekend!!

No---4. delete all my emails waiting to be read and start with a clean slate." I did Ester! When we changed addresses. it was awesome! ---Because apparently I've been email arguing with the wrong person about the lack of infor on the Boy Scout trip. He's as frustrated as I am. Next trip I am assured we will have information.

Yes--5. spend money on music lessons for the kids Because we are talking budget again instead of just hoping we are on the same page. We really should be able to make it work.

Yes-- 6. start going to daily Mass even if it means bringing all the kids at 8:30 Because next school year that will be the plan except on co-op day.

Yes--7. spend the whole day locked in my room with EWTN and my quilt. Because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once my Sarah catches up it will be the priority to finish those quilts. It may involve Red Sox too since one hour of prime time EWTN around here is there Cataloge hour. I don't need more stuff!!

Yes-- 8. Have another night out alone with just one of the kids. It will happen even though I don't know when.

Yes-- 9. spend the whole day practicing my guitar Because I did pretty well on the Wedding Song for our friends anniversary Mass Sunday. And having the guitar out means I can sneak in 10 mins here and there.

Yes--10. A whole night with Mum and no distractions: booked for after the next shower! Because Moms get smarter and smarter the older I get! I'm also looking forward to evenings at the Cape with my in laws. The guys go to sleep early and handle breakfast duty. My MIL and I sit up reading.
(BTW David and Sarah have been practicing cribbage and I really have to get them a set of WRITTEN rules to cut down the arguments! But they will be ready for the summer tournaments.)

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you too.The girls had a great time.