Monday, April 21, 2008

Missing in action

Yes its only been a few days but it'll be a few more. For one I've been in a 'mood' that will only be solved but sleep, cutting caffeine, finishing the school year and finishing menopause. I was also trying to enjoy the Pope's visit. (Not easy when everyone else has other things on their agenda.)
Other things I need to tackle are the newsletter, my plan for school next year, and helping my daughter figure out financing for college.
We also decided to put off a long list of "it would be nice to have's " in order to pay off my van early. We are not pleased with the company we bought the car from or the financing they arranged for us. I'd rather give my interest money to anyone other than that company although we won't mess up our good credit to do it.
But may I make a plug for AAA and AAA VISA and what a wonderful thing to deal with such a great company.

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Nori Coleman said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I was actually able to have alot of down time today. Foriegn, but needed and actually nice. The girls and I read a couple of books, and I read some articles from a homeschool mag. I even graded some of Joe Joe's papers in bed.
I actually closed my eyes and dosed off too.