Monday, April 7, 2008

My hero

This is the plaque to Fr. A.Aime Deschamps, A.A. at the new library at Assumption College. I have vague memories of him as I was only 5 when he died. I remember feeding the ducks at the pond in front of campus. I remember visiting his relatives in New York-- the dog stealing my toast, a silly doll my sister and I were allowed to play with, a picture we looked at regularly of a ferry ride in the harbor.
Because of him though, I have other memories. Memories of hugs. Until my mother met the librarian of Assumption, during a high school program, she had never been hugged.
Can you imagine?
But he gave hugs, and inspiration, and joy. So even after his passing she sought them out. She taught herself to hug others and in turn taught countless others.
So Father Aime, (Alphonse was his first name before joining the Assumptionists) is my hero.

And so is my mother.

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