Saturday, April 26, 2008

My week

Artist Olea Nova does some increrdible artwork about migraine pain. I looked at it again this week because mine are back with a vengeance. Its almost better when they're regular-- when I get used to the pain and when its coming I'm prepared and I'm motivated to avoid my triggers. Right now I'm just too tired for that. I have a month left of school but at the same time I'll need to cut back on caffeine, no more wine, get excercise, avoid chocolate, scents, cheese, insomnia and, of course, stress.
Anyone with children, teens, a house knows that that is impossible. So I guess I just need to go with the flow more but I'm not very good at that on pain filled days and that's the Catch 22.
So pray for my headaches and my poor family.

I have also had some good things: my daughter's Challenge Retreat was fun for her, we had a field trip to CPTV's Science EXPO, etc.

Well off I go: time for lunch then delivering Palanca to the Cursillo. Another prayer request: my Daddy is having his first time being Lay Spiritual Director on a retreat. The priest and deacon will be there as often as they can but with fewer priests none can spend 4 whole days away from their parish work anymore so Lay people are doing the 3 talks. I am so proud of him! God made a great calling there.

PS Happy Easter to my Orthodox friends!

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Cheryl said...

I'll pray, Mary. I hope you are feeling better soon.