Friday, April 11, 2008

Nice Distraction before I restart school.

The "I've got the urge to..." meme

I was tagged by the lovely Ester. Mahalo (I love that word now!)

She said, " I needed a distraction today." I agree.

1. race through end of year testing even though they aren't up to it and I was sent one incorrect test..
2.Quit teaching at home and get a job, hire a maid, and go back to school. But I won't. This mood always passes quickly.
3. Drive non stop and immediately to New Jersey to hug my sister and clean her house for her so she can put up her feet and love this new baby!
"4. delete all my emails waiting to be read and start with a clean slate." I did Ester! When we changed addresses. it was awesome!
5. spend money on music lessons for the kids
6. start going to daily Mass even if it means bringing all the kids at 8:30
7. spend the whole day locked in my room with EWTN and my quilt.
8. Have another night out alone with just one of the kids. I took Marie out for her First Communion Dress last night and we had time for everything: shoes, haircut, ears pierced (her gift) and Ice Cream!
9. spend the whole day practicing my guitar
10. A whole night with Mum and no distractions: booked for after the next shower!

:-)Now the fun part. I tag:



And any other brave soul-- in fact it would be cool if just one of my related lurkers tried -- you know who are!

PS I couldn't post yesterday for some reason but: Congratulations Sue! My Sister in law quit smoking! One month already cold turkey. We are so proud of you and so happy you are already feeling better.


EC Gefroh said...

Mary, I didn't know you had a NJ connection?

Now you are really tempting me to delete all of my emails :-)

dad2best7 said...

can you see this?

Christine said...

The names Cheryl, Christine and Nori, when clicked on, all bring you to Nori's blog. I guess I will answer this can check in at


Mary B said...

Yes Dad I can see you now!!

Yes Ester, my sister who got me into homeschooling moves to NJ several years ago to join the Koinonia Covenant Community. (They are an incredible group.)
All my other sisters are close.

Thanks for the heads up Christine I think I fixed it.