Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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April 23, 2008
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE--On Friday, April 18, a news release concerning the 2008 Worldwide Pentecost Novena (May 1 to May 10) was sent to various Catholic news agencies throughout the world which announced an international novena calling for the praying of the Rosary and other prayers from May 1 (Ascension) to May 10 (Pentecost) for the intention of a "new Pentecost" for the Church and the world in our troubled day.
Since this release, it has come to our attention that Pope Benedict XVI, during his U.S. papal visit, made the specific request for the grace of a "new Pentecost for the Church in America." On April 19 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, Pope Benedict stated: "As we give thanks for past blessings, and look to the challenges of the future, let us implore from God the grace of a new Pentecost for the Church in America. May tongues of fire, combining burning love of God and neighbor with zeal for the spread of Christ’s Kingdom, descend on all present!"
It is precisely the intention of the 2008 Worldwide Pentecost Novena to expand the expressed request of Pope Benedict to implore God for the grace of a new Pentecost for the Universal Church and for the entire world.
To obtain a copy of the novena, please visit the following link:

If I remember I'll link to last year's Novena. It's one I love!!! In High School I would go on the Impact retreat at the Passionist Monastery in West Springfield, MA on Pentecost weekend. We always ended with Mass out in the windy field between ancient trees. It was heaven itself.

I'm also thinking about the whole Miley Cirus thing. I know I'm older then some (OK Many) but who did not see this coming? Every teen, child and ADULT makes mistakes. When a teen in Hollywood makes a mistake the impact on your kid depends on how much influence You have allowed that person to have on your child. We have watched the show but it is not a regular thing. Even our beloved Sci Fi is turned off when the topic is inappropriate for kids. Sad is when America's Top Model ads were running around a show that was good for the kids.
There is no getting around the junk out there. Be "in the world not of it" means warning your child -before their favorite star does the stupid thing that they will do- not to be fooled. Just because it looks good doesn't mean it is.
I also agree with the Morning show psychologist (shock) that we also need to include the lesson about second chances. Thank God I've been given second chances, and daily. Who could handle life without them? If Miley Cyrus handles this as well as I think she may, if her parents take responsibility, then the lesson will be even better.

I have to say it even if I have to go to Confession: I took so much scorn for not encouraging my oldest daughter to idolize Britanney and look where she ended up! We have a Great God! We do not need idols.

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he gently calls us said...

We are so in need of a renewal of faith in the church in our country. I think the scandal with the priests has had an effect on all of us--and I thought it was so nice that Pope Benedict really seemed to emphasize the positive things about the church in the US, as well as the US in general. It was heartwarming.

I was sorry to see the photos of Miley and hopefully she won't go down that road.