Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Calling All from Teen Encounter and Yahweh

A note from Gabrielle:
When I heard it was Father Henry Dorsch’s 40th Anniversary this month I went down to Springfield and arranged a Congratulatory Ad from everyone who's ever done Teen Encounter or Yahweh. The Observer is giving its best price and had a great picture of him in New York. If you would like to contribute to the ad, even just $5, contact Gabby.

(actually email me and I'll get you her address)

Please forward! Teen and Yahweh people have moved all over, many have now done Cursillo or Marriage encounter

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nori coleman said...

Don't worry, no crafting going on here. Not enough energy. Nice to let someone else like Martha do all the work. Jesus gave me a word 3 years ago. I gave you Martha so you could be Mary! Love Ya! Thanks for the prayers,please continue.