Saturday, May 31, 2008

End of Bible Study

Normally we go through the summer and we'd like to continue that but, 2 are expecting this summer and one is moving away. It was a lovely study by Kimberly Hahn (and we watched the companion video) called Chosen and Cherished.
One of the last questions we got to was about taming the hormonal beast that runs rampant through our homes. I said I'd tell them about the year I had it under control It was about 10 years ago.
This is a Fairytale!
Once upon a time, after a frightful 10th year of marriage, The queen decided that good health and a sane, happy couple ruling the kingdom would be best. It took her a year to have the full plan of attack on the Beast ready and implemented.
First there were the vitamins-- not only she but both little princes and both little princesses.
Second were the meals-- she bought very little sugar, fully used every vegetable from her CSA farm share, fully used her Freezer.
Third was sleep. The youngest princess could finally sleep through the night so she took great advantage of that and warned the King: The enemy sneaks in by night. You must help guard my sleep.
Most of all she turned to the great High King! Praying at a couples group that used music as a weapon, she found she could face the daily attacks. Teaching faith daily to the royal children, who were really children of the great High King, renewed her own faith. Every month she went to his ambassador to discuss her failings and receive grace to continue.
At the end of each week the happy couple would celebrate with a quiet dinner alone watching their children play as if there was never a problem in the world.
It was a very joyous kingdom.

Now I have to let Bible study work, let myself be loved by the great High King, get up off my but and try it all again. Because the Beast is worse now and needs to be tamed.


Cheryl said...

Your fairy tale sounds wonderful. I hope it will come true. Does the end of Bible Study mean the end of Chosen and Cherished or the end of our meeting until the fall or the very end?

Mary B said...

Just the end of this book. I hope we can meet over the summer but never came to a decision. I guess gas prices will have a lot to do with it. One of the ladies found some inexpensive studies on Our Lady.
I'll send an email around finding out which weeks people are not available. We can go from there.