Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little things.

A new baby. Congratulations Nori and Joe.
The girls' winning video is on Gloria TV.
Mass for my brother yesterday was nice. The closing for the Cursillo was also wonderful. I knew 4 candidates and they had a very powerful weekend. A woman from my weekend (back in 92) is engaged and I'm very happy for her.
I still was in a funk though. Another dear woman is passing away. Prayers for Margie and her family would be appreciated. It left me sad because I don't have my Cursillo group anymore because of crazy lives and then one dear friend passing. We also gave up our couples prayer group because of the kids needs. I love my Bible Study but miss my sister who helped start it and 1 member moves away soon.
I need to concentrated on the Blessings not the losses.

"Seek out Joy, Its better than happy and defeats sad." Dianne Murphy (my mom)


Cheryl said...

Hi Mary,
Missing your sister is totally understandable. Do you know if we will meet for Bible Study this week? If we are, where will it be?

Nori Coleman said...

Thanks Mary, I am finally learning how to be nice to myself! Baby is doing great, nursing is going well too. She is a peach!!

Mary B said...

Yes we are at Karen's since the other 2 are packing. Can't find her number!