Thursday, May 8, 2008

Today I remembered why I homeschool.

It was sunny, tommorrow won't be, and I already have resigned myself that certain books won't be finished. So I made eveyone grab a jacket, 2 books and a pencil and head for the van. We drove off to Mt Tom reservation. Covered a couple things at a picnic table, followed the trail around the lake past the beaver dams and through the mud, explored the creek and discussed all the things you don't think of unless you're out in the woods.
"is this the kind of creek Laura Ingalls had?"
"Can we fish next time?"
" Is that poison ivy?"
"Look kids trillium!"

Homeschooling is about educating the whole person and today we all felt rejuvinated. We'll probably go back next week and see if any toads and frogs are out. What are you doing special?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog, and I voted for outdoor class! We love going to the river, having picnics, and studying in the fresh air, there is nothing better. We homeschool year round, so the spring and summertime are actually my busiest times to homeschool- I am soooo not a winter person!!!

Welsh_Mary, Cafe Mom Group :)

Mary B said...

I'm not great about winter since we moved here, once we had a fire place.

Cheryl said...

We are going to go to Stanley Park next week to explore the frog pond. Thanks again for hosting today.