Monday, May 12, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

There is just nothing like Lord's Day! We had such a good time. Too much food, five conversations going at once, and the Sox won. I had friends old and new and not too many extra kids ;)
Then we stayed up wayyyyyy to late and watched I Am Legend On Demand. It was so good. I'll watch anything with Will Smith the way I used to watch everything with Sean Connery. Other than them I'm rarely in a rush to see a movie. I waited on this one because I'm not such a 'monster movie' person.
Adverture yes, gross no, heroic battle yes, gore-for-the-sake-of-gore no.
But this movie had a beautiful story in the family memory scenes, great hope and heroism. The character was so incredibly human in his struggle to maintain a normal life and his sanity while trying to save the world.

Anyway yes, Mother's Day was nice also. I showed my mother the progress on her quilt the night before. Jeff called his Mom---Hope he told you we want to bring you something to the Cape. I'd hate to make you pack or leave behind something new just a week later.

We sang my favorite piece, Magnificat by Stearns after the recessional at Mass. 80 years ago when our newer church was dedicated, on Pentecost Sunday, they sang the entire Strearn's Vespers. We tried most of it as prelude before Mass and didn't do too badly. I hadn't sung it since High School and back then a solist did part so I didn't know all of it.

We spent an hour and a half at the little lake on the mountain. Daddy helped them fish. It was really easy.
I hope you all had a lovely day and spoiled your Mom; Hope you spent time with Our Mother in heaven; Hope the Spirit was revived in you!

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