Monday, June 30, 2008

Help Please! (or famous last words)

I made the mistake of telling a friend the other day that I 'hate' clotheslines. "Hate' is a dangerous word. In reality what I hated was the rusty clothesline at our first house situated under way to many Oak and Pine trees. Between birds, sap and pollen the clothes weren't clean when the laundry was dry and I made Jeff tear it out of the ground.
So any way my famous last words sat in the house looking at me. I have few trees here. A spot right outside my enclosed back porch window. I could do this! Maybe I can save enough money to justify the second week of VBS during a year of increased costs.

Any tips? My line is pretty saggy even with a tensioner and 2 line separators.

Have you gone this far to save a little money?

If not what have you tried.

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Anonymous said...

Hi M
It is not only a matter of saving money...but flip side is the TIME.

Given your laundry loads, you could possibly be out there a long long time..

Drying clothes outside smells fresh, it is wonderful
Why not treat yourself to your own sheets and other personal stuff hung outside.
If you do decide to do it en mass for saving $...teaching David, Sara, and even Marie how to hang clothes might be a good idea