Friday, June 6, 2008

I've been tagged!

Just write down what you did first today…

'Just' she says! I'm on very late for me 6:05PM EST when I'm usually on at 8AM

Well I'll try.

* The first thing I thought today: Who's crying? (It was Leslie Lou needing water at 5 AM)
* The first thing I ate today: Did I eat breakfast? No, must have been lunch celebrating Lissa's Class Day Awards at Uno's. Apetizer was Pizza Potato skins.
* The first thing I drank today: Old coffe warmed up.
* The first thing I said today: "Get dressed before you eat"( I may have said good morning but not consciously)
The first action I did today: Made a fresh pot in case my father inlaw needed a cup when he got in from the Cape. (OK It was for me too)
* The first thing I read today: Program for Class Day. I wish it said which school the kids were going to and who earned which awards. I also wish they had announced the award Lissa received from Assumption. Without it we couldn't have considered it.
The first item of clothing: ColdWater Creek green tweed pants, Green embellished 3/4 sleeve light sweater and low blue pumps.
* The first person I spoke to today: Leslie 5AM, DH at some point, Did I remember morning prayer? I am so NOT a morning person.
The first chore I did today: Dishwasher*
The first blog I visited today: Ester's right after out family Yahoo site.

Add some more if you want to!

OK First Pleasant surprize: Female Class Vocalist sang a lovely Spanish modern Christian song and announced that it encouraged you to prayer and turn to God when things are hard! Yes its a public school.

Tag? Everyone but especially baby sis at Blessed Mom to One.

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