Monday, June 23, 2008


This is the one for my in-laws. Its called Mystic Blues by Quilt Blocks for JoAnn. It was a Block of the Month kit. I saw it at JoAnn's for a year but could not justify the cost. Each square was precut, with all the instructions with the setting and label available separately. It was marked half price but I walked by again. Next visit they were half off the clearance items and I snatched up enough to make 2 full quilts.
Here is the other half. this one is bound in the Navy Blue. My parents' one is bound in one of the light greens. I labeled her's "Experiment" since I did most of my learning on hers. These pics were taken the night I labeled the quilting marks on the squares. I marked the borders the next day and I spent the weekend quilting the borders. Yes I know you are supposed to quilt before you bind but I was discouraged one day and I'm fast at binding. It got me moving again and I was less worried about ruining the edges.
This Block is Puss in the Corner. On my mother's the center square has a letter N for their current cat Nell.
This version of Bear's Paw is called Cross and Crown.
Block 2 wasn't available. (Apparently someone wanted to make a full quilt of the Hour Glass block. So I put in extra of this block: Grandmother's Puzzle. Appropriate I thought. As I quilt I am not trying for 12 stitches to the inch. It would never be finished and they know I'm an amiture. I love to quilt so that it looks homemade. When I washed the marks out of my mother's it came out with the soft, gentle wrinkles that give the quilting character.
I was pleased with the result. The instructions were clear enough. The precut pieces were cut on the straight of grain for the most part: only the Log Cabin square tried to stretch.
I did try using my machine to quilt parts just to speed up the process although it also made the layers more stable for the hand quilting I did.


Esther said...

Wow Mary! You did a great job. Beautiful!!

Cheryl said...

It looks really nice. I like the colors too.

BlessedMomto1 said...

It looks GREAT! I'm so proud of you.

Mary B said...

Thank you! I am pleased.

Christine said...

Wow. I wish I had the time, talent and patience to do things like that.