Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time to work, more

This morning I helped my daughter sign a $12,000 student loan. A very scary proposition but I am very sure she has picked the right college.
Today was also a laundry day though I have not gotten very far there.
Also done at the desk was ordering Algebra II, Rod and Staff PreSchool and balancing the checkbook.
David and Sarah were busy showing Marie how to use a 2 wheeler unsuccessfully and little Zoe successfully. Next came discussions of character- not picking on the one who was scared and being happy for someone elses successes. Then they made a HUGE batch of tortilla bread.

Then I decided I'd better get some strawberries preserved so I drove out to Granby. I did actually U-pick -which means I didn't get as many as I should but it was only $20.

And now I must get them frozen and make jam. (Why does that seems so hard today?)

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