Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cramming-- not Procrastinating though

Tonight I will be on equal footing with my teen/adult son. Tonight I take my first college exam in USHistory 132 at West. State as he sits next to me. When I announced to the kids that dad and I had decided the time had come and I was going back to school they were very excited. Once the college was chosen, my son told me which class to take this summer that would allow us to go together.
So tonight an impartial Professor will decide which of us understands the material better- the one who has been studying for others for 13 years or the one who has been making others study. I'm nervous but determined.
My one regret is that it does not make financial sense for me to go to the Elms or to major in Parish Ministry. By the time I'm done I need to make enough money to make up for our years raising a large family. I don't mind poor but I don't want to have nothing to retire on either.

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Cheryl said...

I hope that you do well on your exam and have a great time at TFW.