Wednesday, July 16, 2008


still glad i helped adria

but whew

and yes i am having a beer

to update the rest of you:

we are 3 days into vacation bible school goes to narnia
our parish hall was a mess
our maintenance man who did little was finally fired (5 years too late)
i have my Marie and Zoe back!
2 friends had babies
tomorrow is my first college exam in 20 + years
Friday is TFW ( the last Murphy girl gets married so The Final Wedding, we pray)

BTW way I studied in my son's dorm Tuesday night then he walked my to my car-- I still feel like I won Mommy of the Year when I'm around that boy!

Note to Self: When you perchance enter the family chilli cook off by having your husband make His famous Pulled Pork chilli and he puts you in chanrge of it for a while, you are not off the hook when he transfers it himself to the crockpot. The stock pot will need to be washed even though you slelpt all of Sunday after the picnic, even though monday you cleaned the rotten milk at the parish hall and organized the stuff left there. You kitchen still exists and will be Jealous of the time you spent clewaning somewhere else. You may even find your potatoes have gone bad.
You may need to cook something and play the kitchen CD player while singing Christian Rock to soothe it back to normal.

I know -- after The Final Wedding

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