Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anniversary Update (and college)

Our anniversary Saturday started with plumbing. It was not quite as messy as our Mortar anniversary (#16, good story, Tell you all about it someday) but still an adventure. My husband of 22 years no longer swears when he has a surprise plumbing job and that sink hasn't drained so well since we moved in 8 years ago.
Mum and Dad stopped by with a bottle of wine in a thermal wine carrier. They hugged me even though I was wiping and oiling the drain snake. Those are special parents. Our card was Daffy Duck. ( Knock Knock! Who's there? WOO! WOO who? WOOO HOO its your anniversary!)
They also awarded Jeff with the BOO of the month award.
Later we (finally) went blueberry picking. Not enough for the year but its been hard to get out between thunderstorms.

We watched a little Olympics (not boycotting the athletes-- a swimmer could change all of China?) while I froze berries.
Grilled some burgers. Then Jeff and I got out.

By then I was filthy but we decided not to make it fancy (I'll wear the blue dress again eventually- at least its stretchy.) We picked up Ben & Jerry's pints to eat on top of Mount Tom and watch the sunset. Of course the park closes at 8PM and sunset was at 7:58 PM so we were asked to 'call it close enough' at 10 of.
We did not want to go home before they were tucked so we went to sit over a beer at Elizer's (named for Elizer Holyoke, founder of much of the area) because there is no dress code. We are SOOO not bar people. Its a great pub but we were barely awake.
It was nice to get home.

(I got into college but have not heard back from the academic advisor and still have to figure out finances. Last night I spent over $200 on Lissa's dorm stuff plus bought toiletries and snack for Jeffery. Do you think they'll use the Clorox wipes?)
(No? me either.)

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