Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Marraige and First Anniversary's

Faith and Family's new site is running a series on marraige and its been a running theme here so I thought I'd continue it. For us Anniversary's have been very rael markers of how we're doing. Maybe because so many doubted we would last, or at least that we would be happy. The prevailing opinion was we were too romantic and poor and different. We met at 13 and DH told his best friend that day that he would marry me.
When we were dating other people and his friend that I dated was not being kind, DH reminded him that he liked me more and would ask me out again in a heartbeat. At 18, during the biggest fight of our lives, we decided to marry. We knew in our frustration that our problems stemmed from meeting the right person while too young to do anything about it. We knew either we would never see each other again, or be married forever. Period. It was not romantic. It was factual. It was Faith. It was Real.
Our first anniversary was silly. We bought ourselves camping gear. My parents gift was in a huge cardboard box and they made us guess what it was.

You know don't you?

The Gin Game . Remembering The Dick Van Dyke Show . Mary Tyler Moore PBS

Ok have you laughed at the video of her favorite episode?
Yep, we got an inflatable Rubber Raft. (not self inflating but still very funny)

I, of course, am the impulsive one and wanted to go camping ASAP. Jeff claims he told me the weather didn't look promising but I must not have listen well. We should have slept in the boat. Water poured under the tent while we tried to sleep through thunder. I was so sure if we didn't camp right away we never would. It didn't put us off but still we should go more often.

So what was your first anniversary like?


mary said...

Our first was celebrated w/ young child in tow as we referbed the garage apartment so we could save $ to buy a house. Of course, 17 years later our anniversary passed on this past Sunday w/o any special "things" as we continued to deal w/ the aftermath of my dad's passing. Only one person remembered it was our anniversary-our oldest. It's funny....what really matters isn't in the celebrating (it never was for us)-it's in the being together & being thankful that you have one another & that your children are happy & healthy. Enough said-my eyes are starting to well up again. G'night & God Bless.

Mary Bennett said...

We married at 18 for the same reasons, either marry or never see each other again. Our first anniversary we had our oldest with us. It will be 29 years of marriage this October 27th. Congratualtions to you!