Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

Always crazy but always great. We began with a decade of the Rosary and a mini lesson on the Rosary. This year I want to teach them to respond rather than recite together.
For our work, besides Math I am concentrating on the homework for first co-op class on Monday. David will do Chapter 1 of Christ and the America's. Sarah will read Chapter 1 of her Science and do the Content questions. Sarah and Marie are also taking French.

I've already talked to Lissa who has already made friends, loves her drawing teacher and apparently went to school with ALL the notebooks I bought so I needed to run out for some this morning. (It couldn't be that a nervous mom gave her too many!)

More posts coming: pictures of the old fort coming down and Daddy's new project. More anniversary stories, the start of my classes, Adria's new puppy etc.

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