Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just updates

I've been quite busy, (yes dear I know its my own fault!)
so here are some updates:

David's team tied, Marie's Won, in Zoe's league its always a tie but they were able to get a treat from Nick's Nest!

Melissa's room is officially clean.

Summer clothes are away!

Big Pork Roast in the oven, with 3 cheese cakes.

Teen Encounter picnic and Mass tomorrow in Southwick after soccer.

Jeffery has a new girlfriend. I'm not amused--- I like Haley.


mary said...

Mary you're so good...I don't know how you get so much done. I still haven't gotten the summer stuff washed to put away, let alone ever get the winter ski stuff away. Matt even asked me last night if my summer box was going to spend all winter in the living room like it's done all summer. Maybe I need a personal assistant. Schmitzee ;)

Mary B said...

I told my sisters -- I must be manic.