Monday, December 1, 2008

Hail Holyoke High School

Alma Mater! Friends Forever.
The Guys

Mary and Roger

Mary, Marvin, Tina and Me.

A fun time was had by all. I saw Freddy and when he and Bob were showing off dancing, DH got up to show his stuff too! Jim O was looking great. Patty was sitting with a fun table of mostly ladies who left a spouse at home. The Hobert's Lavelle's and Dinn's were all together--- townies till the end.

I heard good things and saw pictures of some who didn't make it this time: including Christine S.
We've lost too many but we will remember them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
Roger & I had such a great time with you & Jeff at the reunion. You two are great dancers!I'll be sending you our pictures also. Love you,
Mary (Krajewski)Burleson

Mary B said...

It was fun! Roger is great.