Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful few days. Sarah and I figured out how to get her photos up in the sidebar of

We had a cookie night, a day with Jeff's girlfriend Cameron, sang the 3-4PM concert before the 4PM Christmas Eve Mass, had our party--- all was wonderful. My friend Adria spent the evening and shared Hanuka with my family then watched them open their gifts on Christmas morning. She bought me a French Press so we could have good coffee. My son Jeffery came up with the girls gift-- a spot light and a full array of overhead stage lighting for their stage.

My Dear Husband fulfilled my wish to be able to wear my engagement ring again. Since it couldn't be repaired he had my diamond matched around a new diamond in a new setting. It is absolutely gorgeous and it passes the test-- you do know ladies that a real engagement ring looks best in church? Well this one is perfect. Thank you my Love!

Tonight my daughter's beau is taking her somewhere special.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday,



Nori Coleman said...

What an awesome hubby! Tell everyone Merry Christmas!!

Mary B said...

I will--- and yes he's awesome! I had worn a ring from him for over 25 years so the year without was hard.