Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bien Mardis Gras!

So first of all, no-- I'm not giving up Facebook, blogging, internet etc for Lent. Can't do it! Really-- the Conference-- I have to stay online.

Speaking of the Conference-- Praise God! Everytime I get discouraged I get a little bit of encouragement in the mail, email etc. We have 15 vendors booked, participants from several states, workshops and speakers should be announced soon, (no I didn't get a Big name but I'm thrilled with who we have.) We've had good publicity and advertising.

What's next? We'll be sending out a letter to every priest and religious inviting them to attend for free. Attached will be a flyer for their parish, a copy of the article in the diocesan newspaper and a bulletin announcement. Then I have to get that announcement to all the other Diocesan offices!

What else?
Don't do business with Capital One --- horrible company.
Can't wait for my stove coming next week! Electrician was here today!
Chore chart isn't killing me, we are getting things clean some days, its a pain when life happens and we can't use the plan.
School--- that's Lent! I will be doing nothing but school for several hours a day. No phone, no email till after we get through lunch.
Temperance--- That's my other sacrifice. (No I'm not giving up the virtue! I giving up something each day that I just don't need. Aiming for moderation as a daily virtue and sacrifice more often.)

If you give up computers? Please! Download your Conference Registration form first!

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mary said...

Yes, Capitol One is awful. I like that idea of giving up one thing a day that is unnecessary-I just might have to try that. Thanks.