Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Conversion, and the Internet

I have told the story jokingly, though its very real, that I learned about the computer while hiding from my kids so as not to kill them. Over the years I learned many tricks but we had very little internet at first. When I found blogging and found other Catholic Moms out there it filled a very real need in my life.

Have you ever taken the Temperments Test? I finally did. Its been offered more than once but apparently God wasn't ready for me to take it. Here's what I got:
Your Temperament
melancholic 85% phlegmatic 15%
It points out that I think too much, stay melancholy too long, don't reach out to my friends and usually they do not know how fiercly loyal I am to them.

It is certainly true of my online friends. For one they do not all even know how much I consider them friends and value their insight. One is Margaret. I follow her blog from out in Minnesota and laugh and cry along with her each week. She understand the stresses of mommying, homeschooling and has had a rough couple years in part because she has been really challenging herself to grow by sharing the story of her Conversion.

I've heard lots of conversion stories over the years but usually as a quick one-two punch while already emotionally drawn. Margaret has written 6 posts now over the course of a year, each focusing on one stage of her life, its impact and how she deals with it now as a mom.

I can't recommend her story more highly.

Margaret---- many blessings to you with love, Mary

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