Thursday, February 5, 2009

Homeschool 101

I intend to set up a series of posts on Homeschooling. I am what people call a Relaxed Homeschooler. Its a bit of a misnomer. Oh I am very willing to sit back and relax but I end up working one something.
The plan will be to cover one topic at a time and tell you all my many trials and errors and my couple of successes. I'll include links for great support and curriculum.
As to the question of why? Well maybe it will become more obvious as I put each topic together but the fact is I can't give one answer. For each of my children, for each grade, each phase of academic and spiritual development there has been a different answer. In the end we have been called. Its that simple.

Have specific question you would like answered? Feel free to ask!

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mary said...

Mary I just want to know if you homeschool your kids through high school?