Wednesday, February 11, 2009

HT: Ester at Catholic Mom in Hawaii

Many Catholics, anxious to help the first African American to be elected President yet wanting to justify supporting the strongest Pro Abortion candidate in history were helped by a particular study. It was published by Catholic Alliance for the Common Good and its 2 listed authors suggested that increased spending on welfare programs had decreased rates of abortions.

Unfortunately it was released in August 2008 and helped swing Catholic Prolife votes but the study was wrong. In November 2008 the study was removed from the website with no announcement. Later it was put back on the website-- again with no announcement--- and this time with significant changes.

First of one author, Professor Michael Bailey of Georgetown University removed his name so their is only one study author. Secondly the report acknowledges that incorrect data was used for certain years in counting abortions. Also Kansas had inconsistent reporting of abortion data and all statisticians must discount those numbers -they had not.

Here's the article from Ester

The fact is we are back to where we started. Yes it is just to have a safety net for the poor but it does not prevent abortions. Personally I believe for many poor having children is an attempt at happiness and increased abortions come from the middle class fearing children. By the time I had my 3rd child I was already hearing fear about our future. Our 4th was just lunacy!

Never mind that I had all the equipment necessary, never mind that I made 4 trips a year to drop off unneeded items to Big Brothers/Big Sisters or Goodwill or which ever church tried hosting a thrift shop.

Perfect Love casts out Fear!

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