Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Blues and february

In protest I have decided to stop capitalizing such a cold, gray, cabin-fever-ridden month. I know others who reserve this for January which is difficult and adds the insult of being longer and darker. I'm sure my real issue is that I just can't deal with february after surviving January but alas, february, being smaller, is easier to pick on.
Anyway Faith and Family has a post of ideas worth checking out. My contribution was an idea from my sister. Plan a celebration of St. Joseph's Day. In honor of their middle of the night Flight to Egypt, pack up your kids during the night and head out somewhere special. Maybe watch the sunrise.
Be prepared ahead of time!
The night before tuck them in sweats not PJ's and load the car with juice and donuts. On the way home buy coffee and when you get home plan on snuggling/napping through a movie to catch up on rest.
When my sister did this they drove to a beach an hour away. The kids had not seen the beach in winter and loved the differences.

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