Sunday, March 22, 2009

Parade Day!

15 lbs of corned beef, 2 loaves of sour dough, 2 loaves of Irish soda bread 2 trays of shamrock cookies (thanks Cameron) piles of red potatoes, carrots, onion and cabbage all after a breakfast of coffee and baked French Toast made with green bagel slices.

I really should start running the road race if I'm going to eat so much!

Anyway--- Parade committee stuff is here.

WGBY Public Television for Western Mass showed the whole parade (second largest in the US! and more floats than New York typically!) It will be repreated at 11PM tonight and will then be available as streaming video on their website. Here.

I stayed here and watch on TV (when I didn't cook, clean or nap) and loved that my 2 oldest brough friends! Wish I'd been able to get to my sister's: Sheila Maureen, our little colleen, now lives near the parade route with her wonderful hubby and new baby Jimmy. Did you wear the tiara all day? Marie decided when she is big she wants to be colleen and will then wear her tiara every year.

And here's to all the friends and relatives we saw in the parade: Ceade Mile Failte!


Heather Jaracz said...

The parade sounded really fun. I'm in Western Mass, too. I was browsing Catholic Mothers blogs and found you, just wanted to say hi! Stop by my blog and see all the snow we still have up here in the hilltowns!

Mary B said...

So glad you stopped by--- my huisband has been and on again off again member of Aruna Hill Astronomy Club. Especially when our oldest was a Scout out there. We are also fond of Camp Holy Cross!