Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day All!

My dear husband was able to have the kids let me sleep till almost 7:30. They made me eggs, decorated, made cards and of course bought me the best DVD any mother could hope for:
HellBoy II! I really did like the first -- a Catholic superhero fighting the spiritual battles.

He did buy me what I hoped for: I want to collect a Pandora Bead for each of my children. Today I received the J for my oldest. My sister gave me the bracelet for CHristmas and my godson the bible with a cross on it. For Valentine's Day Jeff let me show him how to buy them and bought me a bead covered in hearts.

Then I was blessed to have the choir director change the last song so I could sign Magnificat from Stearn's Vespers. I love it and mostly hit the high notes. Then I was nice to me and sat and quilted, watched Fever Pitch etc. I made an easy supper which will be soon. Yes Adria we opened the Australian Reisling and I love it!

Here's to all those moms whose children or husband do not understand the specialness of the day-- we pray for you!
Here's gratitude to all the husbands and kids who get it!

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