Saturday, June 13, 2009

Easthampton Bear Fest Opening!

Peace Bear.

Madam Bearterfly

Circus Bear

Bearly There

Master's Essentials

Astronaut Bear

and finally...........

The Gingerbear Man with artist Dianne E Murphy of Art for the Journey

with Dad on their 45th Wedding Anniversary

Portrait-- yes all the 3 D candies she made-- out of Sculpy/Fimo clay, and the pocket watch works.

Recipee in back pocket

Mum gave away delicious ginger bear cookies-- 144 of them!

This was another favorite-- the Mountain Park Bear with an original turnstyle from the park next to it.

There are a couple we didn't see and a couple beauties we didn't get pictures of yet. we did try Opa opa's special bear brew-- yum! And Mt Tom Ice Cream's hand made Bear tracks flavor-- double YUM!

Easthampton Bear Fest

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Nori Coleman said...

What a blast! We saw you guys the first day, as we were driving by we beeped. The kids and I did the actual walking tour on Sunday. Your mom's bear was great. Tell her we enjoyed it. How creative! I did a post,too.
Maybe we could go for the Lord's day again.I heard the conference was awesome. Sorry, I couldn't make it. Great job and give yourself a bear hug for ll your hard work.