Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Its been a whole week!

So sorry, but I've:
Set up New England Catholic Homeschooler-- a yahoo group for those interested.
Started inviting people to the group-- can only do 50 at a time or you become SPAM
Picked berries and filled the freezer.
Held a party for Mom and dad's 45th wedding anniversary.
Posted pics of the Conference.
Hosted my niece Mary and shipped off Sarah.
Been to a Spaghetti Supper and posted pics.
Finally turned in David's High School paperwork- well most of it.
Helped my son after his car was hit- totaled but we are fine.
Almost balanced the checkbook!
Gone to see a show with my Mum- Carousel in the Berkshires!
Gotten up to book 3 in Narnia with the girls-- using the original publication dates. (Please never let anyone convince you to read them in chronological order for your first time through! )
Even the 5 year old can recite:
"There once was a boy named Eustace Clarence Scrubb and he almost deserved it."

Best of all last night I had an hour long soak in the tub! I am however ready for summer weather/shower season to begin. I miss the sun!

As Adria would say-- I've been a real slacker!

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