Sunday, August 30, 2009

Petite pilgrimage

We went to The St Anne Shrine in Fiskdale, MA

It was too damp to walk the grounds or do Stations but we went to the icon museum, met friends of our host and went to 4PM Mass together. Later we had time to shop pick up Uno's pizza and eat at our host's home. We watched the Diocesan news at 7PM and I learned my parish will be linked with the local Franciscan run parish. (Another post for another day--- ideas for a new blog-- seeing opportunities!)

Then we grouped. These ladies are my companions on the Cursillo journey. I've been invited, again, to share and pray with them and recently accepted the invitation. The Cursillo method of small group sharing was prasied by Pope John Paul II among others as a Spirit led
inspiration which led to many movements in the church using the small group model.

Ladies: I love you! I thank God for you! I have not laughed so hard in a long time and I truly feel honored that you trust me with your journey. I already feel very supported in my journey.


Mary B (mum's original-- not the other Mary)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Parish Closings

In all the 2 counties locally that have not yet had parish closings will lose 14 parishes by the end of the year. Another 8 will close over the course of the next few years through mergers. The announcement will be made through a TV address Saturday at 7PM in place of the Diocesan show Real to Reel and through personal letters to each parish to be read by the pastors at Mass this weekend.
More here:

Please pray for our Diocese.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Julie and Julia

My parents and I and 2 sisters went Saturday night and laughed all night! Ignore the critics with their 2 stars. One said, Julie should get a life-- well, yes! That's what she was trying to do. She set herself a goal of trying all of Julia Child's recipees in one year while blogging about the experience to break out of the dolroms of a depressing post 9/11 job in New York city while living over a pizza place in Queens. For all of us that have watch cooking shows, (or quilting, or home repair or painting teachers) hoping to learn something it really explored how crazy it is to look up to who we think that expert is.
For all of us who blog, sometimes revealing to much, more often revealing only the good side its a unique exploration of this modern phenomena. How many of us have stared at a line of type with tears in our eyes only to delete it? How brave are the few who type the reality of their difficulties to share with the world hoping to let some soul know they are not alone! (Yes, I mean you Margaret, and Danielle and Christine!)

But the humor, the laughter, the beauty of Paris were also accompanied by the sweet, real, passionate marriages of the 2 couples and I loved seeing marriage looked at in such a light.

Ignore the few bad words-- they are well placed and meaningful, no superfluous efforts to modernize or attract a certain audience.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

St Anthony,

St Anthony
Come around!
Somethings lost that can't be found!

(I hate cleaning my desk. I always file something too well while someone is talking and then can't remember where!)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What a crazy Friday!

Great computer find distracted my start to cleaning.

My college advisor thinks I did well enough on the CLEP to skip Intro and go right into Adolescent Psych.

Great Adoration: distracted by the girls but they were so sweet.

Got my MTEL results-- I passed! Finish my BA and I'm a teacher!

Found out I can avoid bifocals for now-- by pulling off glasses to read.

Made great chilli.

Sad news about Mary Ellen-- lost her son Ryan to drowning.
(Edited on Monday 8/17/09: Ryan, like many with autism, suffered seizures. Please pray for his family.)

DH and kids came home FLYING from their retreat!

Please support their retreat/recording/ministry

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well I did so-so on the test. Technically I got enough points to skip Intro to Psych and take Adolescent. But it wasn't a pretty number.

Tomorrow at 5 I get my MTEL results.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Faith & Family Live! : From Puerile to Pure

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5 Year old figures out her world

Watching a Bounty commercial: "How come the moms always do that work? "
"I'm not sure, " says the mom, "I guess they just see it."
"Yeah, " says a 5 year old, "The moms must have the bigger eyes."

(This was followed by why are you laughing!)

Then I tucked her in. Now the night before Grandpa had spent the night. We made crazy arrangements with the airbed and the 5 year old's mattress creating a guest bed in the toy room. I had not undone the arrangement and offered 2 choices: sleep again with the 8 year old or sleep in the toy room. She picked the toy room.
As she sank in the pillows she sighed: "Whenever I have to sleep in Grandpa's bed I will cause it reminds me of grandpa."
She slept all night.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Farm season sadness

Our farm is completely organic and due to blight has lost its tomatoe crop. A little more sun might have helped. Fewer big box store plants being sold in the area would have limited the spread to area farms. (Support local grown food!!!)

Anyway thanks to Minnesota Mom I have the link to a New York Times article by The Minimalist listing 101 Simple Salads: half of them only have 3 ingredients! So easy.
Go Here.