Monday, August 10, 2009

5 Year old figures out her world

Watching a Bounty commercial: "How come the moms always do that work? "
"I'm not sure, " says the mom, "I guess they just see it."
"Yeah, " says a 5 year old, "The moms must have the bigger eyes."

(This was followed by why are you laughing!)

Then I tucked her in. Now the night before Grandpa had spent the night. We made crazy arrangements with the airbed and the 5 year old's mattress creating a guest bed in the toy room. I had not undone the arrangement and offered 2 choices: sleep again with the 8 year old or sleep in the toy room. She picked the toy room.
As she sank in the pillows she sighed: "Whenever I have to sleep in Grandpa's bed I will cause it reminds me of grandpa."
She slept all night.

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