Sunday, August 23, 2009

Julie and Julia

My parents and I and 2 sisters went Saturday night and laughed all night! Ignore the critics with their 2 stars. One said, Julie should get a life-- well, yes! That's what she was trying to do. She set herself a goal of trying all of Julia Child's recipees in one year while blogging about the experience to break out of the dolroms of a depressing post 9/11 job in New York city while living over a pizza place in Queens. For all of us that have watch cooking shows, (or quilting, or home repair or painting teachers) hoping to learn something it really explored how crazy it is to look up to who we think that expert is.
For all of us who blog, sometimes revealing to much, more often revealing only the good side its a unique exploration of this modern phenomena. How many of us have stared at a line of type with tears in our eyes only to delete it? How brave are the few who type the reality of their difficulties to share with the world hoping to let some soul know they are not alone! (Yes, I mean you Margaret, and Danielle and Christine!)

But the humor, the laughter, the beauty of Paris were also accompanied by the sweet, real, passionate marriages of the 2 couples and I loved seeing marriage looked at in such a light.

Ignore the few bad words-- they are well placed and meaningful, no superfluous efforts to modernize or attract a certain audience.

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