Monday, October 12, 2009

How life has changed:

My Dear Husband is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unemployment is tough. The first two weeks you spend doing so much paperwork its hard to look for work: applying to unemployment, re-applying when they tell you to apply in CT not Mass, updating your resume, checking on health insurance etc. Jeff received his layoff the day before we left for our vacation with his parents. That meant spending 3 days on the telephone helping customers who preferred him to handle their account, telling good friends who might be in a position to help, talking with coworkers who were upset. He surprisingly--(no I'm not surprised, they were) it was Jeff doing the calming.

After about 6 weeks of contacting every business he knew and several interviews the reality set in. He's required to apply to a certain number of jobs each week but there just are not that many out there. After a while a job search just doesn't take your whole day. In all I saw about an hour of self pity and then he was back to being his innovative self. He joined Facebook. He's joined LinkedIn, a social networking site for business people. He created a website that showcases his ideas about business in general-- not just print-- as well as his photography, oh, and his resume.

First week of school he spent the afternoon keeping the kids busy with outdoor activities so I could deep clean, pull out fall clothes etc. Second week he watched us school and by the third week he was really keeping us moving. When I had the opportunity for two weeks of temp work he was ready to roll. Everyday school was done and the house was clean and I came home to DELICIOUS food.
He joked that someday he'll be a good wife for some woman-- I said he already was!

Anyway he really is the best! The kids have a newly energized person teaching them. I am confident when I leave for class, work, or pre-practicum-classroom-observation that everything is OK. Best of all I can see how happy he is! He has always been someone who respected my work as a Stay at home mom and homeschooler so he can stay positive seeing himself in that role. He's even going to help my sister keep her little boy out of daycare! Baby Jimmy will hang with Uncle Jeff starting Thursday. (He's a sucker for babies!)

Life is Good!


Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

Jeff is a great guy! You are very lucky to have him!

Mary B said...

I am!

Cheryl said...

Nice post! I am enjoying getting to know Jeff. He seems to be all that you say - a great wife and husband. And I like hearing about how he loves his wife and family.