Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I can't find my desk....

... and I need a To Do list so you are stuck seeing it.

(The following is rated R for Really? You think you can do all that?)
(UPdated: at 5:30 while waiting for my guy's to return.)

Half done-Read about Dental Insurance and gather paperwork for HR (on the way)
Done Bank Deposit
Done Get Sarah to Co-op
Done Buy Milk
Plan Dinner (Leftovers)
Hang Christmas Cards (Did the ones at the top of the pile)
Done Grammar, Math, Penmanship, Spelling,
Failed Phonics
(However the level of guessing, doing only half, forgetting to get work corrected etc ends soon!)
Boy Scouts (David’s decided to stop going till Wrestling is over. Probably smart even though he is one scout leader conference from Star)
Wrestling- one the way home with dad now. First meet tomorrow.
Done Laundry (not put away
Iron—I’ll need to vacuum first and apparently its time to trade my kid size plastic hangers for real ones. Tonight.

One blessing was that an extra ride (and stealing the daughter with the address early enough so she wouldn’t get home while I was out and could help me ((see how crazy I am lately)) find my sister’s new house) meant I actually saw my sister’s new house while its new!

Anyone know a trick to add strikethough font?