Thursday, January 14, 2010


Everything I could manage to say yesterday about Haiti is on mine Facebook. Our support group will try to find something constructive to do but many in our group have put the mission in Haiti first for years-- our founders were married in a church there on a mission trip. A church that is now leveled.
Many of the churches have fallen killing untold numbers of priests, semenarians, sisters, missionaries and those who pray daily. Among them is the arch bishop. Today its finding ways to discuus the tragedy with my children.
Ways that are understanding of their lack of understanding-- who could understand this?
That respect their sadness-- I cried while I ironed last night
ways that give them something concrete to do and a greater understanding that prayer is as much for the pray-or as the pray-ee. After all God does not need us to tell Him that there was an earthquake and the world has tollerated a poorly built city on a fault line and that we have tollerated their poverty and thrown spare singles at the collection plate so we could forget. We pray to God because we need to be forgiven for each way we let this exist. Each expensive toy we felt we 'deserved' and each holiday we were dissatisfied with because it wasn't 'perfect.' We pray because once again we realise we are completely out of control, we never had controll at all anyway. Just an illusion.

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