Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sick kids, taxes and day care

So one of my teens is sick so I need to go to Holyoke Peds again and won't make it to co-op classes tomorrow. Tried starting taxes last night-- whoo hoo! Trying Turbo Tax since the nice guy who was doing them for me is really too nice to be a 'tax guy' and is going back to his day job.
In the mean time I had to make my sister get other care for her baby and get a babysitter for my kids so I can cover a vacation at work. Love the neighbor who is coming but the girls are already butting heads. I remember why I hate putting kids in Day care quickly.
Anyway I have NOT read the next chapter of Mother's Rule of Life and I'm not sure I'm supposed to quite yet. I haven't been to confession and know I need to. I'll miss Mass today due to the sickies. Homework and taxes call to me.
Anyway I will work on this part of the Rule and pray for all of you working on the book.


mary said...

Mary I hope your the sick child is feeling better now. I so don't miss those day care days-although I was lucky to have excellent day care available for my girls & then my boys. I've begun to live by "it is what it is" when I've got too much stuff going on and feel as if I can't accomplish it all. Much love to all. Schmitzee

Mary B said...

Thanks Schmitzee! They are getting better and did well for the neighbor. You just miss so much.