Monday, March 22, 2010

NECHC Speakers

Western Mass Catholic Homeschoolers is proud to announce that our featured speaker will be

Susie LlyodSusie Lloyd
author of Please, Don't Drink the Holy Water!
and now Bless Me Father For I Have Kids.Susie Lloyd's Bless Me Father For I Have Kids

Nissa and Brian Gadbois. Nissa and Brian GadboisBrian is in Worcester's Deaconate program. They own a farm and several businesses. Nissa specializes in using Waldorf methods of teaching in a truly Catholic enviroment.

Cooperators in God's Plan by Allison Gingras
Alison Gingras

God has a plan for all our children, and as parents and teachers the most powerful teaching tool we have is prayer and our Catholic faith. This is especially important when the child(ren) we are teaching faces special learning needs, such as Ad/hd, sensory integration, hearing loss, or comprehension difficulties. Allison Gingras knows this first hand, having guided her children through these issues, as well as the normal hurdles encountered in home schooling. She will address the struggle many parents feel of being responsible to provide our child(ren) the best education and the doubts of wondering whether we are always the best choice for providing that education. In addition, she will offer practical strategies, as well as how she leans on her faith to meet the challenges of cooperating with God's plan.

Allison Gingras holds a Master's in Education and has been an early childhood educator for over 14 years. Though it isn't her education, as much as her life, that provides the information she shares with other homeschool families. She is a mother of 3, each with their own special need including ad/hd, various comprehension and writing issues, sensory integration and hearing impairment. Her greatest achievement is her faith, which she feels provides all the grace she needs to help each of her children in exactly the way God planned specifically for them.

Laura Eckroat, local author of
The Life of Bud The Life of Budand A Simpler LifeA Simpler Time

ABOUT ME --Laura Eckroat

I am a Kindergarten Teacher at St. Joan of Arc in Chicopee. I have one class left to earn my Masters in Mild-to-Moderate Disabilities from Elms College. I am certified in Mild-to-Moderate Disabilities & in Elementary Education from the State of Massachusetts. In my former life I was a Human Resources Manager for Amoco Oil Company and I was also the General Manager / Training Store Manager for the educational toy store -- Zany Brainy ... which is how I found my passion --teaching! I have a 16 year old daughter who attends Cathedral and I am married to Steven who is a Chemist.


My book -- The Life of Bud is a life cycle / seasons book. The book was released in February, 2009. My second book – A Simpler Time is due out in early 2010. Both books have a theme of nature. I would use these books to demonstrate how to use children's literature to teach Inquiry Based Science to children. I would also have other examples of books available for the Home School Teachers to see. I will show work completed by students. I would be referencing how these examples tie into the Mass Curriculum Frameworks.

I will be doing this workshop at the Massachusetts Reading Association Conference on Thursday, April 8.

Kate Duneluk
Last year one of our last presentations had a smaller audience as people hurried to get lunch that hour. The audience however was so enthusiastic this little company was asked to come back:family-picturemmpt
Making Music Praying Twice will give one of their workshops and have a table available. Keep in mind this is their actual workshop -- not an informercial on their product-- but ways to use music to help your child's development.

Kris Correira, an instructor for Homeschool Connections who blogs from MA at At Home Science
Kris says: I am a Catholic homeschooling mom to 3 boys with a Charlotte Mason educational philosophy. I also am an emergency department physician assistant and community college instructor, both once primary roles relegated for my children, their education, and our home.

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