Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Important Contact Change

For New England Catholic Homeschool Conference

Last year we had a few days when our regular site was down so we set up one ready to go just in case. Well just in case happened. Our host chose this time to make some major changes. So Please– bookmark this site and spread the word!New England Catholic Homeschoolers at

With devotion to His Sacred Heart,
Mary Brazeau and
The Team at WMCH


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Come Holy Spirit!

If it wasn't for Pentecost we wouldn't ever be able to do God's Will. Thank you Lord Jesus for sending us the Paraclete to help us and animate us.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Novena to the Holy Spirit

Starts today May 14, 2010 and ends with Pentecost. I have all the prayers on the page Tab at the top of my site. or link here. Please consider offering these prayers for our conference.

Happy St. Matthias day (with love to my Matthias for all your prayers at Christ's feet for Mommy).

Happy Birthday to Joanie! Love you much!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Crescat...: unleash hell...

The Crescat...: unleash hell...

Its time again! 2010 Catholic Cannonball Awards! The only place to Vote for the Snarkiest or most Hifreakinlarious Catholic Blog. ( My 'never-met-her-internet-friend' Ester's blog A Catholic Mom in Hawaii has been nominated as Best Spiritual treat. The real treat is the effort she has put in over the last several years in connecting Catholics with great Internet gathering spots.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Love Homeschooling!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was one of those fabulous day that makes it all worth while. We woke up knowing the Conference was going well (Kolbe Academy agreed to come!) and I was one day from done my college semester. Despite allergies, spring colds and such everyone was in a good mood.
In the morning we invited a new homeschooler over: helped them start their paperwork and made friends. Then we went off to local Mt. Tom and Bray Lake. The girls loved showing little cousin Jimmy the stream, frogs, turtles, geese, red winged black birds etc. We ate an eclectic lunch in the grass and had a lovely time.
We arrived home to find again how truly lovely our neighbors are. One of our smoke detectors is faulty-- it turns out-- and went off after we left. One called the fire dept and one made sure they saw there was no smoke and the went through a screen window rather than breaking down the door.
The grammar school girls spent the afternoon creating made-up dinosaurs and habitats out of paper and recycled materials for a co-op class. They even helped clean it up!
Love it!