Sunday, June 20, 2010

Math Update-- and other stuff

We found the math book.
In the school bag.
In the closet.
The one I told them to check. The one they told me they had checked.

Yep, an hour before Mass I discovered they had not given me all the winter clothes to pack and had not felt it necessary to actually dig under them to the actual school bag in question and actually open said bag.

The gave Daddy a decent Father's Day. His oldest bought him Scotch (bourbon? one of those yucky brown liquids.) He also had the girls help him make a nice dinner last night. His daughter drove out to be here. With a cake she baked! Today he watched most of the US Open.

After I packed another 5 bags of winter clothers and brought extra Conference stuff to the attic I watched Twister while people were out running errands. Most of them willingly joined me in the end.

So now I'm just getting psyched up to pick strawberries in the am. Not too many but some.
Have a great week!

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