Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thinking out 2010-2011- updated Sunday

Read aloud, IEW Excellence in Writing, Make our own Grammar book
Nancy Larson Publishing Science2
Seton. One for each girl, plus Little Flowers as a family, morning decade of the rosary.
Abeka for Zoe and Leslie (sorry Seton but your math is NOT for me)
Teaching Textbook 5 for Marie
Hopefully I can get this really going with just 3 at home. Hoping to start with Music appreciation and recorder lessons for reading music. Then want to expand to flute, guitar or keyboard lessons. (that's based on money)
Still have a Seton drawing we never finished (because Dad started painting with them). Found my copy of I Can Do All Things. I also have Linnea in Monet's Garden and a video on abstract.
Phs. Ed.
Less TV. Soccer Season. Getting Mommy off the couch.

Still thinking....

Found my God Bless America set! We'll be studying the 50 States under Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. Did you know for the bicentenial a litany was created with a title of Our Lady assigned to each state. The set from includes: the book with the litany, Mary and the 50 States, one on St John Neumann and Faith Keepers God Bless America Holy Card Maker.

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It looks like a good plan.