Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Answer

To a challenge I posted on Faith and Family Live the other day.

Don't scroll down till you try:

Take  a block of wood and start nailing in a longish nail-- 2"-3"-- then wiggle it loose.

Balance the nail in the hole.

Now take 14 matching nails
and balance them on the head of the first nail.

Think of all your friends called to homeschool

or co-op together,

maybe to teach CCD together

or run a retreat.

You want to center your life on Christ and so do they.

All at the same time.

Don't scroll till you try.

No you can't flip it over and lay the nails on the wood.

No you can't just lean them up.

They must be a team.



Get it yet?

OK Look...............................

To do it lay one nail on the table. Take the next 12 nails and alternate them laying across the first nail, points out so you can see the heads will lock. Before lifting lay the last nail over the alternated nails just between the nail heads. Keep the top and bottom nails pinched tight around the others as you lift and they drop down in a chevron shape. Balance the bottom nail on the head of the first nail.

from my friends at WMH

Thanks Lisa Marie! The devotional was beautiful!


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