Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dedication of Sophia Press to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Another Novena I'll be doing:

From the desk of
William Fahey, Ph.D.
President, Thomas More College
Publisher, Sophia Institute Press

Like many in New England, we heat our house with wood.
On winter mornings at dawn — and sometimes before dawn — I carefully place kindling and wood into our heavy iron woodstove.
On its front, I see the image of St. Hubert the hunter, kneeling in praise before a mighty stag whose horns are topped with the Cross.

As I, too, kneel, that image reminds me each morning to recite the old Scottish prayer:
I will kindle my fire
this morning
in the presence
of the holy angels
of Heaven.

God, kindle Thou
in my heart within
a flame of love.

In a few minutes I hear the pleasant popping and crackling of the new fire and smell the delightful scent of burning oak and maple: logs we labored all summer to stack and split.
That wood, transformed into pure flame and heat, then transforms our chilled morning rooms into a warm and cozy home.

Isn't this what we each desire? To have our lives transformed? Filled with pleasant things, protected from bitterness.

It can happen,
and it can happen now:
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
is the furnace of God's love.
If we allow it, that Heart will transform each of us and all our works. It will fill our days with joy and keep bitterness and sin at bay.
We need only embrace His mercy:
Heart of Jesus,
burning furnace of love,
have mercy on us!

Into its flames
we throw our troubles.
They are burned up.

We throw
our weaknesses.
They are burned up.

We throw
our human frailties.
They are burned up.

When we give over even trivial cares to the Sacred Heart, His mercy burns them up and leaves us with a sustaining warmth and consolation. His mercy restores our hope.
Just nine days from today is the Solemn Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: July 1st. On that day, priests at the chapels of Thomas More College of Liberal Arts here in New Hampshire and at Holy Spirit College in Atlanta will offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for Sophia Institute Press, for her staff, for her friends and benefactors, and for all who have purchased solid Catholic books from her.
You and your intentions will be remembered at both altars, as we ask that our work here at the Press as well as all those associated in any way with the Press may be blessed and transformed by the Sacred Heart.
After those Masses, we shall formally consecrate Sophia Institute Press to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and enthrone His image at the Press offices.

Blessed John Paul II once noted that when it’s recited and meditated upon, the Litany of the Sacred Heart is a "true school of the interior life."
Each of us needs a strong interior life. Without one, the best intentions, the best mission statement, the best staff, the best resources will never have the impact they should. With a strong spiritual life, Christ can move in us and guide all our actions according to the Father's will.

You know, when I assumed the Presidency of Thomas More College, problems were manifold, the work exhausting. Poverty and strife threatened soon to destroy us.
We consecrated the College to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and enthroned in the College chapel an Icon of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
And that has made all the difference!

Visitors acquainted with our troubled school remarked on the peace that had settled on the campus, the quiet transformation that could be felt.
A new heart was beating.
Whose heart was it?
Who was the real agent
of the transformation
at the College?
None other than the burning furnace of love, the abyss of all virtues, the King and center of all hearts: the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

God be praised, dissension, strife and turmoil are not among the troubles here at Sophia Institute Press. But years of money troubles have wearied her small staff, leaving them dispirited at times
. . . spiritually chilled like a house struggling through a cold New Hampshire night.
It's time to warm their hearts and those of all who benefit from her and support her with the fire of God’s love that burns in His Sacred Heart.
As I said, July 1st is the Feast of the Sacred Heart. In the nine days between now and then, will you join us in throwing all our troubles and concerns into that blessed furnace of Divine Love?

Will you, on each of the next nine days, make time in your day to pray with us this Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus? (At this link you can print out a copy for your pocket or purse.)

When we pause to consider our limitations and confront our sins and weakness (especially our forgetfulness or even neglect of God's power and glory and mercy), we restore our souls. That repair work -- reparation -- is central to devotion to the Sacred Heart.

So please join me as I work to repair my own soul; please join me in assisting others through prayer to repair their souls; and let us all together seeks God's help in repairing Sophia Institute Press, through the power of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Please join me in praying this Litany for nine days, and by going to Mass on July 1st, the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In corde Jesu,

William Edmund Fahey, Ph.D.
President, Thomas More College
New President and Publisher
Sophia Institute Press

Sophia Institute Press | Box 5284 | Manchester | NH | 03108

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