Saturday, June 4, 2011

Small Success Thursday (a day or two late)

Forgive me but Thursday was spent making sure everyone I knew survived the tornados that hit Massachusetts on Wednesday.
3 schools are condemned including one of the Catholic High Schools.
2 new homeschoolers I helped this year: one started a clothing drive and one had her car demolished.
1 friend of a sister lost her entire home just weeks before her Jack and Jill and months before her wedding.

Some great reflections from friends:


In Confessions- I missed Ascension. Totally. Lack of sleep is partly to blame. DH is working 4Pm to 2AM plus a Saturday shift.
We. Aere. Not. Sleeping.


But lets see if I can find 3 Small Successes:
1. I remembered to make a beer run for DH-- a day late but I found his favorite: Berkshire Brewery Steel Rail Pale Ale. Nummy!
2. I bought actual groceries and plan to cook and actual meal tomorrow. (At least on Sunday an early supper seems normal.)
3. I paid for my Preliminary License to teach 5-12 English!

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