Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small Success Thursday June 30

Many of you know of the big success I was able to be part of but even my Small Successes feel big:

1. Registered my three youngest for public school without tears or confusion. I remembered all the papers, ID's and blood samples needed. (OK not really but it was almost as much work as the homeschooling paperwork.)

2. Pulled piles of Math and Science supplies to donate to the cause of a great new teacher-- My son's girlfriend.

3. Straightened out summer music program for the girls, wrestling club for David, driving school for same son, babysitting hours for Sarah, my work schedule, and travel back and forth to my MIL's on the calendar and in my brain (I think?)

At the same time DH and our brother in law were able to arrange for us to buy a great used car so David can end up with our second car. DH's even getting the mower fixed so the boy can mow. (Not sure David realizes that....)

Anyway enjoy your 4th celebration.

And join Sherry at Chocolate For Your Brain.

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SherryTex said...

What a huge week of successes! Planning the calendar is one of the hardest tasks out there.