Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Reading Books 2, 3 and 4

      I was surprised to like the Dean Koontz book The Darkest Evening of the Year. I had never read his because I thought it was all horror. This certainly had bad guys who were truely evil but the couple who are protagonists were wonderful characters. Central to the story are several Golden Labs and some decidedly not Catholic spiritual happenings. However it was inventive and hopeful and worth the short read.
     Hold Tight was a very interesting read for those with teens but for some it may hit too close to home. A neighborhood recovering from the suicide of a teen is the setting for the question of secrecy, privacy and modern technology for spying and tracking teens (and parents!) Harlan Cobin is another author I had not read before now. The book was very well researched and the main characters well developed.
      I finished both by last Monday and on Tuesday had the chance to go spend three days with my mother-in-law. There was a time she was the one who kept me supplied with books. Since then she's weeded down her collection at the Cape and found other interests.
      That's OK - I always forget to pack something (this time it was underwear) so I hit Stop and Shop early. I bought The Shack. Its been out forever but I hadn't read it yet. So far I've hardly started. Mom and I had so much fun watching the girls explore the beach, we had so many conversations to catch up on, that I held the book but didn't open it often.

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