Friday, July 29, 2011

Small Success Thursday July is over? edition

Yesterday was Thursday but it was long! so no posting till this morning. We have finished the girls' Summer Strings program with the public schools and it was fun. One of the inner city schools was the location and they made friends. Two of the girls were able to play for the afternoon between the last class and the last concert since I was their ride. (At the gorgeous Wisteriahurst)

"Oh, you should see my Wisteria-It is beautiful today and the place is rightly named…Father has just come up from the mill and is sitting out on the piazza taking in the perfume of the flowers which he seems to appreciate."
-Sarah Skinner in a letter to Belle Skinner, May 1901.

Photograph by John Waitling

I am very grateful today for my van and my big home and my quiet, safe neighborhood. I am inpressed by the families raising such wonderful children in the midst of the poverty, noise and chaos below the canals in our city.

So, successes:
1. Vacation planned including a night away to celebrate our anniversary.
2. Cleaned my desk this week.
3.Bought everything we need to reseat the dining room chairs.

Good week.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Small Success Thursday?

I've been thinking about this post all day with an attempt not to let it become complaining. See I don't mind work--physical, lifting, mowing, scrubbing etc. What I CAN'T stand is convincing every one else that getting certain tasks done within the week its requested is not nagging. Buy new sheets? They sit in  the package. Beds made? well Ok but not with a pillow case. Shower? Sure but no way to carrying more than one towel to the bathroom.

And the muttering!

Well the 'change' and the 99 degree temps were too much today to handle being the mom of seven -best or not.

1. All children are alive.
2. There is no vodka in my iced coffee.
3. My kitchen is cleaner than last week.

I can't wait to go to work tommorrow.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


With her new earings and her new friend Crystal.
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Snippets

Have you visited This, That and the Other Thing? She's a great blogger and hosting a blog carnival called Sunday Snippets. Visit on Sundays to what faith based articles bloggers hope you'll see.

I want to call your attention to a homily on our diocesan blog. A priest I knew well delivered it this week at the funeral of his friend and fellow priest who suffered depression and finally succumbed to suicide. A message all Catholics should hear.

My deepest condolences Fr. Lessard. We will pray for Fr. Paul.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Small Success Thursday (late= again)

First apologies to FB users. Settings have changed since I first set up both FB and this blog and linked them. Occasionally FB pulls the last 10 of my posts, changes their order and puts all of them on my page at once. It will be a big success when I solve that problem.

Anyway today we have a big party planned for my Zoe's 10th birthday. All I have left to do is decoratem buy ice and drinks and sides, finish the rice and beans, pick up the cake and a flute lesson. You can see why I haven't posted.

Three successes?
1 Took Zoe for a haircut and it came out cute.
2 Vacuumed. The rug won't give up the dog hair but I did vacuum.
3 Took David for his permit test and then for a first drive in a parking lot.

One big success was finally offering most of my homeschool books for sale. I'll have to sell the rest online though so we'll see.

Hope all are well and already visited Sherry!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Reading

I have not worked on my existing list because I found a good deal at Costco's so here's a rambling post before I get to far into my next book.

Brave New World By Aldous Huxley  Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Lord of the Flies (Casebook)Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Both issues contain many great critics and interviews with the authors at the end of the book. I was reminded of the idea that High School literature is wasted on teens. It can be so true.
I do not remember reading Lord of the Flies. I must have. I was certainly more interested in Romeo and Juliet. My oldest son remembers enojying the book very much. My current freshman absolutly hated the book.
I found the characters fascinating and loved the Christ figure Simon. Piggy was so lovably and reasonable and brought me to tears. Ralph was so real: trying to be a leader but still so much a boy.

Now Brave New World was on some other list of recommended reading (can't remember which) so I took a chance. Its certainly not a book I would expect someone under 21 to comprehend at all. Huxley takes a contrasting view to Orwell's distopia in 1984. Orwell predicted government so controlling the people through Big Brother and torture that a society would develop that would become self sustaining. The people would accept and love Big Brother.
Huxley however believed that science would be used to make future generations docile in accepting and loving the job they were designed to do. The contrast between the drones of society  who love their conditioned acceptance and a savage brought into their midst highlights how easily we could be drawn in, our struggle with our sexuality and how little we sometimes value the art, science and freedom of thought and participatory government that we have.
It was an illuminating book. That said the overt sexuality of those conditioned to accept this society, a major part of that conditioning, may be too much for some readers. It is integral to an understanding of the process where science could be used to control a populous however. Since young adults and teens do not have a mature or complete picture of this part of adult life the book could be very confusing to them. It should be noted especially that modern public school students may believe they have a full concept and should be encouraged to reread the book as an adult if they do not save it for college.
This volume contains a letter from Huxley to Orwell which places the books and the authors in  contexr.

Monday, Monday

My day yesterday was definitely a mixed bag:

Good: Zoe's Birthday !!!
Bad: I only have 1 child left under 10.

Good: I did huge piles of laundry including most of the sheets.
Bad: Found out the dehumidifyier has been leaking, apparently for a long time.

Good: Cleaned out the clutter near the dehumidyfier.
Bad: Didn't finish the project of fixing the girls Roman shades.

Good: The sun has them up early.
Bad: I have to be up early.

Great: Remembered to pray!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Small Success Thursday -Is it really July?

So, we spent a lovely weekend with my Mother-in-law at the Cape. It was perfect and I was going to post the pics from my camera-- but that's not working yet.
Anyway we celebrated Zoe and my sister-in-law's birthdays, Mass at the Pope Pius X parish, walked, beached, ate and ate. It was great. Only one sunburn too.

So my three Small Successes since then would be:
1 Laundry done. (always tough after vacation of any sort)
2 Zoe's big #10 kid party planned
3 Packed up 7 boxes of books, curriculum and CD Roms to sell.

Share yours! A mom's life can be repetitive and lacking in camaraderie. This is the perfect boost to keep us going the next week.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Let's Play... "What Happens Next!!!"

(cue cheesy game show music)

Here is your questions:

You are a mom to many kids and choose NOT to buy laundry detergent you need after work since you think you've caught up.

Studio Audience: "What     Happens    Next?"
Yes, you will have a child need clean bedding at midnight!

Bob, tell the lady what she's won.

Well Allan she's won an exercise hour at midnight washing sheets but we have a surprise gift!
In the pile of recycling she will find..... a full container of detergent!!!!!!

(cue applause and confetti)
(OK skip the confetti-- who wants to sweep at 1AM)